Domain Name Registration and “Privacy”

Not so technical a comment necessarily, but helpful nonetheless.

Be sure to read your terms of service for domain name registration, especially if you intend to purchase “private registration”.  According to my research the private registration service is the legal owner of the domain and this can cause problems for you in the event that the company fails.  Generally your info is treated like your credit history which can be released fairly easily if someone really wants it, but it is kept out of the public database of domain owners.  GoDaddy has been cited for releasing personal info without permission in at least one case.  Then general consensus is that your personal info is only “kind of” safe with private registration.  If you are concerned with identity theft then go ahead and purchase, if not if may be a waste of money.

One more thing: as of 2005, domain names with .us are required to have their owner’s info on public record.

aaron inlgey (balletweiner)

Published Jan. 12

Revised Feb. 7


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