Bluetooth to upload images

One way to upload cell phone images onto the computer is by using the bluetooth setting.  Most new phones and laptops have a bluetooth icon that the user can turn on (most phones will have an icon that looks like the image at this website:

Then, the user has the option of sending calender events, files, name cards, etc. to a computer located nearby.  On your computer (if your laptop supports bluetooth, which most seem to do unless it is a netbook), you click on the bluetooth preference and turn it on the “discoverable” setting and search for devices (this is found under “system preferences” on macs, then you click “bluetooth”).  After you turn on the bluetooth setting, you can search for nearby devices to transfer files from.  Once you find your cell phone on the device list and click on your mobile device, you will need to enter a passkey on both the phone and laptop (use the same passkey on both).  Finally, you are able to choose which images to upload.  The images can be uploaded in the jpeg format and a box will pop up asking you where you want to save the image to (i.e. desktop, documents, etc.).

-Shana Coop


~ by src38 on January 13, 2010.

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