Setting Up A Domain and Hosting Site

Tonight I went on a quest to set up my domain for my Digital Composition class. I really had no idea how to set one up but overall it seemed pretty simple. There are many domain-selling website out there. I just happened to used, but I am sure there are many other good sites. I basically searched for a domain name that was not yet taken (took me about ten to fifteen minutes) and from there added my favorite domain name to my cart. From there it was a simple checkout process as used for any online purchase. I’m excited to see what I will be doing with my domain and how I will be using it in the future.

Furthermore, I found a place for decently cheap hosting of my domain at Now if you signed up with them and are wondering how to get to your files that you are putting into your host from Dreamweaver or whatever you need to get into your control panel on webhostingpad. If you signed up with webhostingpad they should have sent you a “cpanel” username and password. The username is usually part of your website name. Click on the link that they sent to you that takes you to your control panel and use the username and password to log in. After you logged in go into the file manager.

A menu should pop up. Click on the home directory then hit ok. You are now in your file manager.

All of the files that you are planning on showing to the public will be in your public_html folder. If you are using a FTP connection this is the folder you will be sending your index page into and all of your other pages. Here is a picture once you are in the file manage if you got confused during any of this.

Simeon Mellinger


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