Photoshop 3D box collage

So, I was messing around photoshop and found something pretty cool (well, at least I think so). It’s assumed that all of your image sizes are of proportionate values. First, open your picture of choice into photoshop.  Go to the toolbar and click 3D. Now, click “New 3D layer from postcard”. After this, click on the 3D rotate tool, which is three tools down from the text (T) tool on the vertical tool menu. Then rotated it to your liking to create a nice “floor” as seen in the picture to the below.

You can go back and forth using the move tool and the 3D rotator tool to get in a position that you are satisfied with. Next, import another photo into PS and move it onto the “floor” image. Make sureyou unlock the background before you try to move it. Then move it a little and play around a little bit until it matched up with the floor photo. Next, open yet another photo that you want to add to this collage. Again, transfer it to the main editing area. Now you’re going to want to do the 3D postcard from layer again on this image, make sure that layer is selected. This part gets semi-tricky and requires a lot of working with. You may need to substantially lower the image size of the current picture. Now drag it to the top-leftish corner, but not fully in the corner. Use the 3D rotator tool and the 3D orbit tool below it to adjust it so it looks sort of like this.

Now, you’re going to open another photo that you want to add to the collage. Drag it over the the main editing area (make sure you unlock it first). Here comes the tricky part. You may first want to make this “left wall” image small. I, myself, used about 160×275 (pixels). Drag it to the top left area of the editing screen, but not totally in the corner. Go to 3D and click the New 3D postcard from layer again. Now, you’re going to want to use the 3D rotator tool and the 3D orbit tool beneath it again in order to get

in in perfect synchrony with the other pictures. Try to get it to look like this:

Okay, now you’re going to open the next picture you want to add to the collage and do the same thing that you did with the prior picture for the “left wall”, except on the right side. Again, use both the 3D rotator and the 3D orbit tool in order to get it just right. It should look something the third image above….Now, get your final picture you’d like to include in the collage. Again, move it onto the main editing area and click new 3D postcard from layer. Move it to the top center. Again, use the 3D rotator and orbit tools in order to create a “ceiling”…again, make sure the edges of the left and right picture match up to create a nice 3D looking box. The end result looks something like the image below.

Created by Tiffany Nebraska


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