Grids in Photoshop

Not a photographer? Get your subject perfectly positioned in any shot.

Turn on the grid by:

1)selecting the “View Extras” drop down menu and…

2)select “Show Grids”.  This menu is located at the top of the screen in between the “Launch Bridge” and “Zoom Level” icons.  This menu can also enable “Show Rulers” in the event you need to monitor the actual length of something in your image.

3)Now select the “Move Tool” form the left hand tool bar.  You can grab and drag your image and the grid will remain stationary.

4)Reposition your image to get that perfect ‘rule of thirds’ for any photo or image.

aaron ingley

Published Jan. 18

Revised Feb. 6


~ by balletwiener1 on January 18, 2010.

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