Installing plug-ins to view mobile pages

In designing a website layout, the user may want to consider mobile pages.  In order to view some mobile layouts, the user can type in mobile site addresses.  For example, has a mobile site at  The layout will change because the screen size of a phone differs greatly from the size of your computer.  Many mobile pages will not be as detailed.

Another way to view mobile pages is by downloading mobile plug-ins.  For instance, downloading wmlbrowser or xhtml mobile profile allows the user to view pages as a mobile user would.

An especially useful site in downloading a plug in is  The site gives the wmlbrowswer plug in installation link and then explains that in order to activate the plug in the user needs to install, hit “option” on the addon menu and click the box that allows the files to be viewed as WML.

-Shana Coop


~ by src38 on January 19, 2010.

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