Selecting Parts of Images in Photoshop

Most people generally know that the more powerful ability of Photoshop is to create layers in an image for editing. Well in order to create the best layers I believe one should be well informed on the different ways of selecting parts of an image to create these layers.

The first type of selecting I tend to begin with is the magic wand. Now there is also a quick selection tool, but I tend to stay away from that because to me it tends to select more of the image than I want to. The magic wand is a great tool for parts of an image that you would like to highlight with the same or similar color. However, many times there are parts of an image with multiple colors that need highlighting or parts that have similar colors with the rest of the picture.

This is when I use the marquee tools such as the elliptical, rectangular, etc. shapes to pick the parts of the image the magic wand did not cover. These shapes are found in the first picture I attached.

Marquee tools

This is where the rectangular, elliptical etc. Marquee tools are found.

Also, on a more basic level, it is importing to keep track whether you are adding or subtracting or even making and entire new selection while using these tools. These options are found on the top left of the screen and are shown in my second picture attached.

Options of adding, subtracting, or making a new selection are shown here.

This is some basic selecting strategies that I have found out using Photoshop. PLEASE feel free to reply to this and add to the techniques.

Simeon Mellinger


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