Spot Healing Brush Tool

With some pictures, there are specific areas that you just do not want other people to see or you simply want a change.  The spot healer and healing brush are made specifically for this purpose.  For instance, it is a bad day and a pimple shows up, yet your friend decides it is a great day for pictures.  Fortunately for you, Adobe Photoshop has the tool to cover up that pimple.  Select the “Spot Healing Tool” on the left toolbar, and click on an area of the face, choose a section that will match the area you are ‘healing.’  After you have chosen your selection, click the spot healing tool on the pimple area.  Once you have done this, the pimple will now be replaced by the clear surface of skin you chose in the beginning.  This tool can also be used to cover up freckles, copy sections of an image onto another section that you desire.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on January 20, 2010.

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