Uploading Pictures on Twitpic from Photoshop

Here is how to upload pictures from the website twitpic to twitter: First save the image or photograph saved to your computer under a folder you want to store the image. Next, while you are in the ‘saving window,’ click on the format tab and numerous options will appear. Twitpic will only accept gif, png and jpeg images, so make sure to change your image to any of these three files. After saving your image to jpeg, click save and go to the twitpic website.

In the top right corner of twitpic.com there is an option to ‘upload photo.’ Click on this tab and choose your saved image.

Once you have choosen your image, twitpic gives you the choice to add a message with your image.  Once you have uploaded your image and/or added a message with the image you can finally upload your image from Adobe Photoshop.

-Lauren Chesmar

~ by lchez on January 20, 2010.

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