How to make a moving image in photoshop

Howdy! Remember MySpace?! Crazy it was only four years ago the MySpace frenzy hit its peak. Anyway, know those moving profile pics people had, well I’m going to give you a run down on ow to make one. A brief synopsis of what I am going to be doing: moving pictures are animations; a good file format to capture an animation is a .GIF file. Graphics Interchange Format file uses BITMAP images, so we will be working in photoshop. Now, gif files have a limited array of colors per pixel, this means you are not going to get super high quality pictures. They are good for small animations and logos.

First you going to need 2 or more photos that can work as an animation. Than open up photoshop, and press “File,” Open,” and open one of your images. What ever image you are going to open first will be you primary image. Open all the images you will be using. For this example i am going to be using four images.

You’re going to notice that all the images will open in the same window as different tabs. In order to make an animation you are going to need to have all the images in one work environment. In the primary image workspace create a new layer. select a different photograph, “select all,” “copy,” and paste onto the 2nd layer of the primary image (make sure the layer you want the image in to be highlighted), repeat this until all of the images you are using are in the Layers menu of your primary image.

Set you layers in descending order depending on the images. This means you want your last image and the top and the first image at the bottom of your layers menu.  Once that is complete head to the top toolbar menu under “Window” select “Animation.” This should open up a bar along the bottom with a thumbnail of your image in it.

On the bottom of the animations panel 2nd furthest to the right, next to the trashcan, you will see an icon that looks similar to the “new layer” icon, but when you rollover it says, “Duplicates Selected frames.” Press it. The same thumbnail should appear. But here is the trick to animation. That highlighted thumbnail shows whatever layers are visible. If you go to the LAYERS menu and shut off the eyeball icon that layer will not be captured in the animation frame.

Highlight the first animation frame, and deselect all the eyeballs in your layers menu except for the bottommost layer. Highlight the second animation frame, but make the next layer visible. Duplicate the animation frame, highlight it, make another layer visible, and so on and so forth.  At the bottom of each animation frame it says “0 sec,” this means each frame will last for 0 seconds. If you click and hold on the bottom of the frame, a list of times should pop-up. I recemend 1.0 sec for each frame, but experiment and see. You can preview your animation by hitting the play button at the botton of the animation panel.

Almost done, head up to “file” select “Save for Web & Devices,” underneith the “present” menu you should see another menu, you may see “JPEG” in this menu. open it and select GIF press “ok” and save the file. Now you should have a cool animation on your hands.isaac "moving image"

Now go to “File” “Save for Web & Devices”

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