Messing around with the Magic Wand tool

There are plenty of ways to select an area of your photoshop image, one of them being the magic wand tool. The magic wand tool selects an area of your document and any other area surrounding it that has a similar color to the part you selected. You can adjust the tolerance of the tool to select more of an area with a higher number, and less of an area with a smaller number. Once you have an area selected, you can go up to the select menu and choose the “similar” option to select all other areas in the document that share the same color that you originally selected.

While I prefer to use the quick mask tool to select an area of a document, selecting an area with the magic wand tool works well during many circumstances. The downside is that edges tend to be somewhat pixelated when using the magic wand tool, so if you want very smooth edges, you have to make some adjustments.

-Neil Parent


~ by njp24 on January 26, 2010.

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