Recording in Soundbooth

Soundbooth has a tool at the bottom of the window where you can actually record your own voice, music or sound effects. Click on the red circle, indicating a ‘record’ button and a new window will open. This window displays the wavelengths at the right side showing any noise around you. Of course, a microphone or audio device has to be hooked up to the computer. Anything recorded will be added to soundbooth where you can edit, trim, add other audio to your new recording just added by using the recording tool.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on January 27, 2010.

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  1. One thing working for this post is that it does act as a generally decent “how to” post. I would think anyone who could open soundbooth could easily find the red recording button and follow those instructions.

    One major way you could improve this is to put more detail into the post. For instance, you do not necessarily need a microphone or audio device hooked up to the computer. You could use the microphone in your computer even though that’s not really a good idea. But then you could explain why that’s not a good idea and what things you could use in place of an actual legit microphone. (ear bud trick)

    For those visual learners pictures, such as a picture of the recording menu, wouldn’t hurt either.

    Simeon Mellinger

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