Updating your “index.html” page on domainit

I had a real problem with this for some reason and since I’ve noticed a lot of students don’t have their sites up yet, I thought it might be helpful to post something about updating your index.

I noticed a lot of students’ web sites are hosted by domainit (as is mine).  I don’t know about other hosting services, but there was already a default “index.html” on my server when i tried to synchronize my files.

Let me take a step back and explain what “index.html” is:  for example, http://www.matthewpietropaoli.com/index.html is my home page.  You don’t even have to type in the “index.html” part, because it’s the page you automatically go to first whenever you type in the http://www.__.com whatever of your web address.  Of course this means, unless you want to use your index page as a welcome mat, your “home page” must be titled “www.____.com/index.html” or else anyone who visits your web site will be welcomed by that generic “UNDER CONSTRUCTION” message.

So you could see how I immediately had an issue with this when I sync’d with my server and my intended home page was titled “jaguar.html” (from last weeks class).  The solution I stumbled across is rather simple:

Step 1: “Save As” your file to “index.html”

Step 2: In DreamWeaver, go “Site”->”Synchronize Statewide…”

Step 3: Check the box “Delete remote files not on local drive” and continue with the synchronization

Simple as that.  I hope I helped.

Matt Pietropaoli


~ by mattpietro527 on January 27, 2010.

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