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Sometimes it is embarrassing to listen to recordings of ourselves talk.  There are programs that can easily be downloaded which allow you to change the sound of your voice (to make it unrecognizable, or to simply add different effects to your podcast/recording).  I found that a specific voice changer can be bought that is compatible with Soundbooth (AV Voice Changer).  The voice changing program needs to be put into a mode (VADmode), while in Soundbooth the user needs to adjust the hardware settings.  A useful site which better explains how this works is http://mp3-player.audio4fun.com/tutorials/voice-changer-tutorial50.htm.  However, other programs can record and change the sound of your voice for free.  Programs at http://www.screamingbee.com/product/MorphVOXJunior.aspx and  http://en.softonic.com/s/voice-changer provide free programs.

Another idea would be to open voice-recording in soundbooth. Then, click “effects” located on the tool bar at the top of the program.  Under effects you are able to click “distortion” or “vocal enhancer” to change the sound of your voice.

Another topic I’d like to share in this DIY post is Audacity.  Audacity is a free program that you can download at http://audacity.sourceforge.net/download/.  It allows you to edit audio or record audio, and serves as an alternative to Adobe Soundbooth CS4.

The program looks like this:

Like other audio editors, by clicking the button with a red circle (near the top leftish), you can record your own voice.  Similarly, if you are cutting audio, you can click on the button that looks like the letter “I” (to the right of the record button, at the top center of the program).  Then you can drag this selector across an area (the same way you would do so in Microsoft word to highlight text)  of audio that you want to delete, then click delete on your keyboard. Audacity shares many of the same features as Soundbooth, like its ability to mute specific noises, or to adjust the volume of different noises.  Unlike Soundbooth  it is free!



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