Making background music

In creating podcasts, adding music to the background may interest some people.  Instead of worrying about copyright issues surrounding some music, MAC users can use a program called Garage-band to create their own music.

When you first open the program hit “loops.”  This opens to a screen where on the right the user can browse a huge variety of sounds and drag them to the center of the window to play, mix and listen to what they have created.  These sound categories are located in the box on the top right of the program.  Some of the sounds include “electronic,” “relaxing,” or “country.”  You can start by picking out a sound that seems to capture your podcast (for example, for a podcast I created, I picked a category like mellow because I didn’t want the music to over-power my voice).

Once you click on a musical category, you can preview more specific sounds by double-clicking on the list shown at the bottom right of the page.  When you find a sound you like, you can click on it and drag it into the time-line located on the center of the page.  You can add multiple sound files to the time-line and when you are done, you can add it to your itunes library.

In order to add this song to your itunes library and in turn use it for your soundbooth project, you first need to go to the tool bar and hit “share.”  Under this tab their is the option to “send song to itunes.”  Then, when you create your multi-track file in soundbooth you can upload the song from your music files in itunes.  This is a very easy way to create a simple background effect without worrying about copyright issues.

-Shana Coop


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  1. This was easy to read and understand, but it didn’t exactly tell me how to do anything. It gave me an idea, but didn’t go into the steps to bring that idea into reality. So, it wasn’t really a “how-to.”
    Also, you probably shouldn’t have used “in” to begin your first sentence. I would have used “while.” And in the third from last sentence, you used “their” instead of “there.”

    Kelsey Miller

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