Quick note on pitch and timing

When editing sounds and audio in Soundbooth, one interesting and useful tool to use is the pitch/timing feature. You can make some really cool sounds when you slow down the speed of a sound or edit the pitch to make screechingly high pitched noises or very low rumbles that one wouldn’t be able to record normally. However, when you edit the speed of a track it’s important to edit the pitch alongside it or the sound you produce will sound robotic and very unnatural, and not in the way you wish it to be. By scaling the pitch with the speed of a track, you can get desired results, Preview your sound before saving it to make sure it sounds just right.



~ by njp24 on February 2, 2010.

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  1. This really isn’t a how-to. As the title says it is a quick note, and personally not a useful one. The pitch/timing button is on under the tasks panel. A half an hour of exploring the program would have discovered that specific button. I do like that there are examples of ideas that you have to use the button, but you didn’t use any terminology that I can search with further.

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