If you run into .WMA format audio…

Since I didn’t have a microphone on my computer, I recorded everything with a digital recorder. Unfortunately, it records everything in .wma format (for Windows Media Player) which doesn’t make Mac programs very happy. To convert a wma file to an mp3, download the freeware program Switch. It’s very easy to follow and will convert other files also.

If you’re using a Mac, Switch will need a program that will read .wma files on your Mac. You can use Flip4Mac.

I also learned  that the computers in the lab, both Mac and PC, do not have Soundbooth!

-Sarah Vinski


~ by Sarah on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “If you run into .WMA format audio…”

  1. A good recommendation for anyone, even people without a mac. File conversion is always useful, and the fact that the program required to read .wma’s is a good inclusion, as well.

    The post is short and too the point, which is good, since it obviously doesn’t need to be very long. It’s stated that it’s easy to follow, and probably does not need a guide on how it works, but maybe a very basic run down of how it works could help?

    I guess, really, and this is just nitpicking but window media player should probably say (for Window’s Media Player) just to clarify that’s the program the file type is used for, and to have a proper title.

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