Removing loud claps, clicks and pops using Soundbooth

I’m sure everybody’s rough recordings from last week contain loud claps and pops in the background (everybody who recorded in the classroom, at least).  The simplest solution to this is to go into “clean up audio” in Soundbooth and select “Clicks & Pops…” under “Other”.  I raised the percentage up to about 50% and was pretty pleased with the results.

Matt Pietropaoli


~ by mattpietro527 on February 3, 2010.

One Response to “Removing loud claps, clicks and pops using Soundbooth”

  1. The directions are straight forward, though I’d like to see a little more development, maybe on how else one could clean up audio or alternatives to the described process (maybe one with more finesse, if such an option exists within Soundbooth).

    The language is easy to understand, which is great. There’s no jargon that goes over one’s head, no confusing turns in the directions. It is a “how to,” in that it describes directions to accomplish a goal.

    -Jon Kimmel

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