Soundbooth tools that trim and tweak your podcast

I know while I was recording my script, there were moments in the recording that had pauses, or hesitations. It is good to know Soundbooth has tools to trim these un-wanted slips and noises in recordings.

In the track that you want to edit, first you need to find the area you want to trim away.  To help find the precise spot or moment in the recording, on the left panel there are tools to edit recordings and this panel is above the files, scores and resources tabs.  On the panel there is a tool called the time selection tool and a zoom tool, and now we want the zoom tool.

The zoom tool allows us to magnify the track and see the recording spread out in broader waves, and now you can spot the exact moment you want to edit.  Once you have found the spot to edit, go back to the top left panel and select the time selection tool, then find the spot you want to crop out by highlighting the space you want to cut.  After you have highlighted the area you want to be trimmed, left click in the highlighted space and Soundbooth gives us several options to edit that specific space in the recording.  For me, I had to cut several small parts from my recording so my track would run smoothly.

Soundbooth gives us another option to edit parts in unwanted tracks, and the cropping tool at the beginning and end allows us to cut off spots in the beginning and end.  I hope this was helpful!

-Lauren Chesmar

revised, Feb. 17


~ by lchez on February 3, 2010.

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  1. You need to define your topic a little more clearly in the opening paragraph. Format it a bit more like “I was trying to do this and here is exactly how I did it”.

    The body should read more like list to walk people through the process:
    First click on the selection tool.
    Next, use the tool to highlight the area of the waveform you want to edit by clicking and dragging.

    Relating the process back to your experience in the end personalizes the post and makes for an interesting read.

    And yes, it was helpful.


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