How To Reverse Footage in Premiere

Okay, so now that you are all [hopefully] familiar with Premiere, I’m going to show you a cool effect that was not in the tutorials. One of my personal favorites is reversing videos and then replaying them.   First off, open up your video and cut it how you want it. Now, in your tools panel (if this isn’t visible, go to window, then click Tools) click on the razor tool, which looks guessed it..a razor. Cut the frames which you want reversed. (Side note, if you don’t want your audio to be reversed..which would sound like a garbled mess, you should first unlink your audio and both, right click, then hit “Unlink.” ) The first image below shows you what to click.

Now grab your selector tool, click then copy that area and paste it to the right of the original. Right click, then go to “Speed/Duration.” Now click on “Reverse Speed.” The second image shows what your screen should look like.

To see the result, click here and click on Digital Composition, then How-To Blogs and look at DIY Blog 5.


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