Targets in Dreamweaver

This sequence will allow you to open your projects in a new window.  For example, a visitor to your site can listen to your podcast in a new window and continue to explore your site without navigating away from the podcast.

Set up your anchor and reference tag in your html file.  I anchored and referenced my podcast file as follows:

<a href =”sounds/macau_draft.mp3″

Before closing the anchor tag include the following:


Now close the tag, write the text that the file is anchored to, and close the anchor.  Mine looks like this:

<a href=”sounds/macau_draft.mp3″ target=”_blank”>Click Hear</a>

When someone clicks on ‘Click Hear‘ a new window opens and the macau_draft.mp3 file plays.  My podcast will continue to play in the background while the visitor explores my website, stopping to take in the wonderful images scattered throughout.



~ by balletwiener1 on February 7, 2010.

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