Creating A Loop in Soundbooth

This entry is about how to create your own loop of audio in Adobe Soundbooth. I used this to help save a portion of audio that I wanted to repeat over and over in my Podcast.

First, pull up a clip of either music or audio that you want to use to make the loop. You will be picking a portion of this that you want to remove from the rest of the audio and have repeating. When you have the item open in Soundbooth, listen to it and determine which part you want to loop.

As a side note: I used Markers to help myself remember where I wanted the loop and where else in the audio I might try, in addition to marking places that needed editing, etc. Markers are basically little tags you can add to Soundbooth to pinpoint a location for yourself. They do not change the audio in any way; they just make it easier to navigate though the different parts of your audio. Since I’m a visual person it helps to have a marker with a name directing me to a specific spot.

To add a Marker, move the playhead (which is the little red line with the golden tip) to exactly where you want to add this marker. Next, go over to the left to the tabs that say “Tasks”, “Effects”, “Markers”, and “Properties” and click on Markers. There is a plus button in the bottom of that window, which will add a marker to the place where the playhead is located. You can give it a name and everything, to help yourself remember what it is later. See screen shot for a visual.

I marked up a couple spots in my audio that I may use for a loop. It’s a good idea to go back to where we found Markers, and go to Tasks instead. Under Tasks, we find the “Create Loop” option. We’ll need this.

Once I pick a spot, it’s time to set the In and Out points, so the program knows what you want to loop. You move the playhead to where we want to set the beginning of the loop, and use the “In” button at the bottom of the screen to set a point there. Move the playhead to the Out position you want and hit the “Out” button at the bottom of the screen. This highlights the area you want for your loop in white, showing what you have selected. See the screen shot for a visual of the In and Out buttons.

If you hit Play at this point, it should just play the piece of the audio that you selected. If you have the button on the right of Play button clicked, it will play your loop repeatedly, so you can see if it sounds like what you want.

And the very last step is to hit “Save Loop As” over on the left hand side, in the Create Loop window. Now you’ve created a loop of some of your favorite audio!

-Abby V.


~ by avanim on February 14, 2010.

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