How to Center Your Page Within Your Body

A couple weeks ago after some opinions and comments about my layout for my website I decided to dramatically change it. What I ended up wanting to do was do make my “bigdiv” less wide and have my body be an image. However, to make this work I had to center my “bigdiv” in my body. Honestly, you could probably find this just as easy by Googling it. But here is a good way to center something in the body of your website.

1. Open up your main CSS code for your index page or any other CSS you would like to make this change to.

2. Under you big division that all of your other div’s are in you must do the following:

– Make margin-left: auto

– Make margin-right: auto

– Make Position: Relative

Here is a picture of my code

Once that is done your should be good to go. Comment if you have any problems.

Simeon Mellinger


~ by sim67fb333 on February 16, 2010.

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