Altering Voice in Soundbooth

If you’re like me and hate the sound of your own voice, then you’re probably wondering if there’s anyway you can make it sound better in Soundbooth. And I have found there are many different options for changing voice.

I tend to have a very monotone, unexpressive voice, which didn’t really reflect my script the way I wanted to, so I try to morph my voice a little to make it better.

1. First, I want to make my voice a little more feminine sounding, since it’s pretty deep. So in the effects panel I chose voice: female 1. This was a very subtle change, but they change did make my voice sound a little better.

2. Another option that I played with was the de-esser under effects. I tend to have s’s that sound very hissy, but after using the de-esser I could barely hear the s’s at all. I decided not to go with this, because it completely altered the sound of my voice so that it sounded unfamiliar to me.

3. You can change the pitch of your voice itself under the tasks panel using the ‘change pitch and timing’ option. I recommend using this very carefully, because even a slight change can make you sound like you just inhaled helium. I did bring my voice’s pitch up, but only by an increment of ten.

4. One of the most interesting effects that I found was the reverb option in the effects panel, which allows you to make your voice sound like it’s coming from a different location than the one you recorded it in. So I could choose reverb: padded room, to bring down the reverb in my voice, and then in the advanced panel there were further options such as ‘a cold house.’ When I listened to my voice in ‘a cold house’ it didn’t sound very chilly, but it was still pretty cool.

Kelsey Miller


~ by kelseylynnmiller on February 17, 2010.

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