An example of Fading On Screen Text In and Out

Sometimes I like to set the scene with text on a black field. In my project the video starts with a black field. Text fades onto the screen: 7:30pm CIA Headquarters. After a few seconds the text fades away and the actual video fades in and begins the story. Here’s how to do this:

1) With your project open select Title–> New Title–> Default Still

2) An options box will open. You can leave the options on their default settings, but be sure to give your title a name. I named mine CIA.

3) The Title creation window will now open giving you a plethora of options which are discussed in the Adobe Tutorial videos.

4) You can position your text on the screen using the arrow tool or the (X) and (Y) coordinate adjustments in the right hand Title Properties box.

5) When your text is as you like it, close the Title box by clicking the X in the top right corner. Your title will appear in the Project box on the left hand of the screen.

6) Grab and drag your new title into the time line and position it where you want. You may have to extend the title clip so that it appears for longer on the screen. You do this the same way that you extend (or shorten) a normal video clip.

7) Now in the Effects box select Video Transitions–> Dissolve–> Dip to Black. Grab and drag this effect onto the front and back of your title. I then pulled my video footage to connect to the end of my title clip and threw another transition on the front of the video. Adding the additional transition ensures that the text fades away before the video fades in.Now you have cool Hollywood beginning!

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