storyboards for lazy people

Storyboards can be super fun for some people, but a pain for most.  Being part of “most” people, I’m going to take this time to suggest a couple storyboarding solutions for those who want all the benefits of a good storyboard while putting forth less than half the effort.

FIRST off: “how the &#*$ am I supposed to format my storyboards?”  Easy!  There are literally countless websites that offer templates for storyboarding.  Just print and get to work!  One such website is found on Printable Paper, which offers 63 (that’s SIXTY-THREE) different printer-friendly storyboard templates.

SECOND order of business: “what if i’m just not THAT GOOD of an artist?”  It’s only natural to worry that the composition of your short video may suffer because your storyboards look like a Picasso knock-off.  However, there is no need to fear!  Look no further, your digital camera is here!

Beautiful, isn’t it?  Never mind your inability to realistically render valid representations of human beings (or animals, if that’s your thing); simply take a photo, import to Photoshop, and use the Brush Tool to draw over top of it.  Export as a JPEG and voila: you have a storyboard frame.

Hopefully these shortcuts in storyboarding will provide you with more time to shovel the snow off your driveway/car/friends.

Matt Pietropaoli


~ by mattpietro527 on February 17, 2010.

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