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One issue I came across is that my film will be narrated entirely in French.  Although I plan on using subtitles in my video, they can be annoying.  It is possible to turn subtitles on and off using youtube.  Videos that include subtitles will have an arrow at the bottom right screen that you can click on, then click on CC, or closed captioning (the CC option is circled in red in the image below).  It is not a bad option to include subtitles with your video so that it can best reach all viewers.

Another great thing about youtube is the “auto-share” capabilities.  This allows you to share videos you’ve looked at through sites like twitter.  In order to use this, you must create an account with youtube.  Then, while signed in, hit the button that says “account.”

After that, hit the button that says “activity sharing” located on the tool bar to the left of the website.  The screen will look like the image below:

You will have the option of connecting to your facebook, twitter, or google reader accounts by clicking on the links in blue.  For example, if you choose to connect to facebook to share a video more easily a screen will pop up and ask for your email and password.

Once you connect, you will be able view your facebook account through youtube (youtube will ask you for permission to do so more than once and you need to click “allow”).

Also, while uploading your video to youtube, I was unsure what resolution would look the best.  I found that you do not need to change the video’s resolution.

-Shana Coop


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