Edit and enhancing your video’s color

Color can make or break a video, as we have seen in class with post secrets and websites, color can greatly improve a video.  Premiere has some great ways to change or enhance colors and contrast to your video.

In Adobe’s premiere tutorial, they showed a search tool that allows us to search for any effects. First, go to the effects tab and then, under video effects you will see a color correction folder.  In the color correction folder there are many different effects and tools that allows us to change our video’s color.  Changing color in premier is similar to photoshop, for instance, premier an eyedroppers to mark the place that we want to change color

In my video clips, one was too dark and the other has an extremely bright spot, so I have to use the contrast tool and change color tool to allow viewer to see the true colors in my video. I hope this helps!

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on February 24, 2010.

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