culturing photos for film in Photoshop

When culturing your pictures in Photoshop, its important that your pictures look and feel like your video footage. To do this, you might need to use some Photoshop effects that you might not normally use. When editing a picture, most people adjust the contrast of a photo. But what if you took pictures (and video for that matter) indoors and you need to adjust the contrast a portion of the photo, but not the whole picture.

To do this, convert the layer to a “smart” filter, go to Filter>Convert for smart filers. Then, go to Filter>Sharpen>Unsharp mask. By turning the radius up to 60-80 percent, you can edit high contrasted details of the picture. Instead of the normal brightness/contrast bar, which makes the lighter parts of the picture light and the blacks blacker. I find that effect frustrating.

By “grabbing” the image in unsharp mask you can drag the picture around see different areas of contrast magnified.

Save and flatten the layer and voila! You have a better edited picture for your film.

-Becky Reiser


~ by Southern Discomfort on March 3, 2010.

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