Editing Audio of Your Video

If you want to edit your video’s audio, go to Soundbooth and edit your audio there, because you have much more tools and advantages that help with your sound.

First open your video file, the track will open and you will see the video clip’s audio.  Adjust the clip however you want, for instance, I reduced noise and removed sounds in two of my clips (and this option, removing sound, is not in Premiere).  Soundbooth also allows you to see your video’s audio zoomed in, giving you full advantage to see the tracks highs, lows, and background noise up close.

Once you are satisfied with your track, save it as an mp3 which is compatible with Premiere. You can always adjust audio in Premiere, but it is more efficient to edit in Soundbooth.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on March 3, 2010.

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