How to Change the Format of Video through a Digital (Picture Taking) Camera

Recently, I myself filmed a two minute video using a point and shoot camera. The main reasons being..

1. It was free

2. It was free

I found the main problem I ran into was not the editing in premiere, or filming with a point and shoot camera, but changing the format of the video so that Premiere could even upload the damn thing. It took me three and a half hours of searching on the internet to find the solution. Hopefully this saves someone the agony of going through what I went through.

1. Download a free converter. For those Mac users out there, Kigo Video Converter is the way to go. For PC users..well to be honest you got lots to choose from so it’s a lot easier.

2. The film obtained from the point and shoot camera were in .MJPG format. I’m not sure what that means, but apparently you can’t upload that format into premiere. Once the film is into your video converter you should change it to MPEG II format. (.mpg) Once the video is correctly converted it should be no problem uploading the video into premiere.

Here is a picture of the Kigo Video Converter

Good Luck!

Simeon Mellinger


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