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I’m aware that some people want some sort of music to go along with either their video or podcast, a common desire. As of right now, they could probably get away with using whatever song they want (as long as you protect yourself saying that this is all for school, etc, and that I highly doubt anything we make in this class will accidently be seen by the creators of said music [unless you intend to make it big with your creations, then disregard that last statement]) but in some cases it’s good to be on the safe side, and not use licensed music for your creations.

Unfortunately, people sometimes resort to using garageband sound loops, or other built-in music samples that a good chunk of people have already heard before. This gives of an unintentional vibe of amateurism and some people might think you aren’t as creative as they though if you only have access to said materials.

There are a few website out there that offer free audio samples, but I must recommend Not only do they showcase an incredible amount of sweet flash animation in their “flash portal” but they also have an “audio portal” where people upload the audio loops and songs they’ve created. The link to the audio portal is HERE. You should get a page that looks something like this:

The red-boxed area with the arrow I drew to highlight the “Browse Genres”   tab where you can search for whatever genre of music you want. I selected house as an example. Once you select your genre it should take you ta a listing of audio of that type. The first ones listed are the highest rated of that category (you can rate other peoples work on the site and leave comment or reviews to leave your thoughts, like youtube. Only newgrounds did it a while back). As you click through them, you’ll notice that it plays you the song and allows you to leave feedback, rate it, see other work by the artist, download it, etc.

I have highlighted the “download” icon with a red box. Clicking on that will allow you to save the file as an mp3 on to your computer for you to use in whatever.

Keep in mind that there is still a Creative Commons licence attached to these works, so you’ll need to pay attention to the license involved and credit the artist. Even if there wasn’t a license attached, you’d still need to credit the individual who made the audio out of principle. (unless you are some sort of stealing monster.) Still, the work is free and should you actually want to take your project further and need to contact the person who made the audio, it is fairly easy to do so , and you don’t have to worry about getting sued for an arm and a leg.

Regardless if you heed my advice, you should check out anyway, I highly recommend it.

-Neil Parent


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