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So you want to give your short video an awesome title, huh?  Search no further, making titles is quite simple in Adobe Premiere (while not as streamlined as in Final Cut, but eh.)***

Step 1: Titles–>New Title–>Default Still

Step 2: Now you’re going to want to give your title a name (yes, you should name your title).  Don’t bother messing with the settings, the defaults work just fine.  Select OK.

Step 3: Make your title!  Start with the clicking the selection I have highlighted in red, which is the “add text” icon. Next, use the toolbar I have highlighted in blue, which provides all of the basic tools you need to style your text (font, size, alignment, etc). Finally, click the icon I have highlighted in green and click on your text in the preview window to move move it to where you want it to sit on the screen.

Step 4:  Finally, exit the window (no need to click “save” anywhere) and voila!  Your title will have appeared with the rest of your files.  You may now drag and drop the title into your timeline.

Another note about titles:  This title you have just made it automatically transparent.  That means if you place it in the above a piece of your footage, the title will be superimposed onto that footage.

***I plan to add screenshots to this post, but the flash application to upload pictures is not working for me at the moment.  To be added, I swear!


Matt Pietropaoli


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