Making Your Titles a Little More Complex

You can make your title screens a little more dynamic by layering like you would any other still. Stills are easy to layer because you don’t need any fancy transitions — the best transitions are simply a fade of opacity. And titles are just a form of still.

So if you wanted different parts of your title to fade out at different times, here’s what you’d do:

1) Rather than make one title screen, make one for each section of the title screen you want to fade out at different times. So if you had a four-word title and wanted each word to appear and disappear at different times, you’d create four titles (Title->New Title->Default Still… in Premiere)

2) Overlay all the titles, one in each video track. Remember to add time for “fading in” and “fading out.” Don’t worry about fiddling with overall opacity to make both show at once; the black background is essentially a void that lets anything show through.

3) For each title, use keyframes and opacity under the effects pane in the middle while the title is selected to create that feeling of fading in and fading out

And that’s it! A really simple way to make your videos start out looking less flat and more dynamic.

-Jon Kimmel


~ by blackburnkimmel on March 4, 2010.

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