How to record videos using Camtasia Studio 6.0

Camtasia is a product which you can download on the web (I downloaded a free trial).  On it, you are able to record, edit and change the formatting of videos.  This product is great for creating a video mash-up or remix.  In order to record videos, first you need the actual product.  I downloaded a free trial at this website: .

Next, open the desktop icon.  There are many options.  For the project I am working on, I wanted to download a video playing on my screen.  On the menu which pops up when you open the program, I hit “record on the screen.” After clicking this option, a small black box appears at the bottom right of your screen.  These are the tools you use to capture the video.

I am going to record a video on youtube.  In order to do this, I have the video I am working with opened in a web browser.  My screen looks like this:

Then, I click “capture” on the tool bar of the Camtasia program.  This allows me to highlight the area of my screen where the movie I want to capture is located and looks like this:

Be careful that you do not move anything in front of the window you highlighted or else it will be captured in the recording.

When you are ready to record hit the red button that says “record.”  The screen will look like the following image while recording:

When you are done recording, hit “F10” (which is a button located on the top row of your keyboard).  Once you are done, a preview of what you recorded will pop up onto your computer screen and start playing.  It will look like the following image:

As you can see, at the bottom right of your screen, there are options to save what you have recorded, delete it, edit it, or produce it.  By clicking “edit,” you can adjust the dimensions of the video (to be seen on the web), shorten the amount recorded on the timeline, and explore other options like adding other footage to the same timeline or adjusting the audio.

The editing screen looks like this:

-Shana Coop

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