How to use Camtasia Studio 6 voice narration

I am loving Camtasia studio!  When you open the program on your desktop, it will give you a variety of options:

In order to record a video with voice narration click “Record Voice Narration.”  First, add the video you are working with to your timeline.  To do this, take a file from your clip bin (if you don’t have videos in your clip bin, when you first open the Camtasia program you need to click “file” then “import media.” A screen will pop up that allows you to browse your files.  Choose the video you are working with and hit “open.”  Now, the videos will be in your clip bin.  To add your voice narration from this screen, you go to the tool bar and click “edit” then click “voice narration.”)

Then, click on “Audio Wizard Setup.”  This is a gray box in the center of the screen (shown circled in red in the following image).

After clicking this, you can choose where the program should record the sound from.  The screen looks like this:

After you select your sound source, hit “finish.”  Then on the screen, you need to select where to record the sound to (i.e. Audio track 1, 2, or 3).  One thing to keep in mind is that if you add audio to your video that will be in track 1.  If you want your voice to play with music in the background, record your sound clip to another track.  You can also select how long you want to record.  If you are narrating the entire video click “until end of timeline.”

To start recording hit “start recording.” When you hit this button, the video will start to play.  While it is playing your voice is being recorded.  The button to the right of the “start recording” button, which says “extend current frame” can be used when the clip is too short and you need to lengthen the clip so that you can finish your narration for that one clip. When you are finished, click on the same button to continue with the rest of the video.

-Shana Coop

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