More Film 101: Lighting

Here’s a quick how-to on maximizing your lighting resources for video work.

If possible, use at least two lighting sources for any given shot.  This will help create a natural look without a lot of harsh shadows.

Position your primary light, called a key light, roughly in the same position as your camera so that it is illuminating your subject from straight on.

Position your secondary light, called a fill light, off to one side so that it eliminates the shadows cast by the key  light.  If you don’t have second light you can place a white poster board off to one side and bounce the light from your key light to generate the same effect.

If you want to get REALLY fancy you can place a third light source behind your subject.  This is called, surprisingly, a back light and acts to separate your subject from the background.

The picture below is an example of a basic lighting set up with a key light and a fill light.  My cat is the subject.  See how natural he looks!  He was born for the camera.

Aaron Ingley


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