Ripping Videos from Youtube, then Making them Work in Premiere

I sure had a hell of a time making my remix video. By hell of a time I mean, was screaming at one point because of how absurd the process was for me to do simple things I wanted to do. I had a great idea for the remix/mash-up project, but I needed some videos from youtube in order to make it.

After angrily searching the internet, I found this firefox add-on that let me rip videos from youtube:

I Installed it and it worked as it said, I was able to download the videos in FLV format by clicking a link right under the information panel to the right of the video.

However Premiere, being the incredible pain in the ass and bane to my existence for no reason other than to make me upset, doesn’t like the FLV format so much and I was left with garbled videos. (Sorry, I just thought about how much I hate Premiere again and I kind of blanked out for a moment.)

So I searched the internets once more and found a really good free program that allowed me to convert FLV videos to AVI format:

I was really happy because¬† I was able to convert several FLV files at once (since I downloaded a bunch of clips from youtube) and it saved the converted files into the same folder as the FLV files (which was a great timesaver as I didn’t have to move all the converted files into my video remix folder on my USB drive) I figured Premiere would accept the commonly used AVI format, but I was wrong and Premiere was using its last efforts to piss me off once more and the converted AVI files were bugging out. Luckily (before I murdered someone) I found out that the program I downloaded also converted files into MPEG format and I was able to use those videos with no problem at all.

I dunno how easy it is for MAC users to do this process, since I don’t know if the program I used will work with a MAC, as I am using a PC, but I was able to cross the initial roadblocks and end up with a pretty decent mash-up video if I do say so myself.

Check it out if you haven’t already, or wait and see if we watch it in class.

-Neil Parent


~ by njp24 on March 16, 2010.

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