Free video download from internet for Macs

As I found videos for my remix, I researched ways to download these videos onto a mac for free.

I discovered a software called iSkysoft Free Video Downloader.

With this asset you can download any video that is flash, unfortunately this downloader does not support youtube videos. If you have a mac computer and are downloading flash videos, then this software is great.

First, download the software according to your operating system. Then the video downloader will appear in the downloads window. After it has downloaded, open iSkysoft in your computer folder. Once you found iSkysoft in your computer folder, open it and add the contents to the desktop. iSkysoft will not work unless you have added the package contents onto the desktop!

Open iSkysoft after you added it to the desktop and turn the “Sniffer” on.

In the right corner, there is a settings option where you can adjust the application’s download settings. For example, you can set the application to download two videos at once, or one at a time.In this application, iSkysoft will detect any flash video open in the Internet and will give you a notice that it is downloading a video. This will only happen when the application is opened.

You can start, stop, delete, rename and open the download if need be. By clicking on open, the downloaded videos will open onto iSkysoft, and the rename tab allows you to change its name (such as video-1 to remix part 1).

Once you have downloaded the videos you need, you can import them into adobe premiere and use them for your remix or another project.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on March 17, 2010.

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