How to move video from Premiere to Flash

For my final project, I’m making something in Flash. I decided to experiment by using video I captured in Premiere and opening it in Flash to mess around with.

In order to do this, you need to select a clip, or part of a clip, you want to important into flash. Then, go to File>Export>Adobe Media Encoder. This media player should have come with the software suite. If you didn’t download it, install the program before trying this.

A box will appear asking you to choose your export settings. Here, you can chose to import a portion of your video or the entire clip. You also have the option in this box whether you want to export the video in another format. (This is helpful if you wanted to watch it or upload to Youtube in the media encoder, but doesn’t apply to us) Before uploading, make sure to specify whether you want to upload the video and audio or just the video, because you have the option to just use one. I chose only video for my Flash experiment.

Before you click okay, you might want to re think the size of your video. We all have learned something about pixels from working in Photoshop, so you should be able to understand the ratios and resize the video if your project calls for it.

That’s it! Click okay and wait for the conversion. Now you can use your edited Premiere video (or mash-up) in Flash.

-Becky Reiser


~ by Southern Discomfort on March 17, 2010.

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