One-Click Downloading from Youtube (via Firefox)

The past couple weeks I am sure all of my class has been working a lot on our new remix project creating a totally unique piece of art using footage from around the internet. One of the more annoying parts of this project is the actual taking of footage off the internet. (mine was mostly taken from you tube) Well fear no more I will give you a full proof method of taking video off of youtube and converting it to a form that can be used by premiere.

Things you will need:

Firefox add on – One click download

Kigo Video Converter

The Firefox add on can be used by either macs or PCs (same with Kigo Video Converter).

1. Once you have downloaded and installed the firefox add on, a menu should appear at the bottom right of the youtube video you would like to download.

2. Click on the form you would want (I used .glp) and it will download the video

3. Once video is downloaded upload it into the Kigo Video Converter and change the form to “MPEG – II”

4. Once this video is converted you are free to upload the video into premiere and to edit it.

Simeon Mellinger


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