Yet another downloader (and yes, this one’s the easiest)

I have been using Camtasia and Zamar, but I find YouTube Downloader to be the easiest and most efficient way to rip off YouTube videos.  I found the free download on C-Net.

First, create a new folder to hold all of the cool videos that you’ll be retrieving from YouTube.  Then navigate to the video that you want to use.

Next open the program.  Your screen should look something like the following:Copy the link to your video.  When you hold your cursor over the “Enter video URL” box the program will automatically paste it for you.  Make sure the “Download video from YouTube” radio button is selected and click OK.  The program will download and save the video to your preselected destination.

From this same dialogue box you can now convert your video to any number of formats, I prefer MPEG or AVI.

Make sure the “Convert video (previously downloaded) from file” radio button is selected.  The browse button is just to the right of the “select video file box”.  Use it to find the video that you want to convert.  Select the file format desired from the drop down menu and click OK.The “Choose quality” dialogue box will appear.  Choose “optimal” or “high”.  Click OK.  The program will convert your video into the desired format.

Now import the file into Premiere and hack away.  Happy mashing.

aaron ingley


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