Ada Lovelace – A Woman Ahead of Her Time

Ada Lovelace, the only offspring of Lord Byron, is known to be the first person to design a computer program. However, Ada is not only known for the first program on a computer, but is known for being the first person to imaging the possibilities of a computer outside of determining sums. She was truly ahead of her time and a huge role model to all women trying to become pioneers in the field today. Sadly, Ada died before she could complete her great achievements in technology. Ada Lovelace day was created to celebrate great achievements in technology through the female gender.

It is incredible to think a computer program was designed in 1815. The most amazing part is what Ada achieved when women were constantly battling sexism at her time. I could imagine her father, who was probably not thrilled to have a daughter instead of a son, did not want her to get into the field of technology. Still, she found a broke through societies expectations of women at the time and designed something truly great. Any man or woman who overcame such adversity in this day and age would be known as one of the greatest pioneers that ever lived.

Simeon Mellinger


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