Different ways to select things in Adobe Photoshop

There are several different ways to select part of an image in Adobe Photoshop, in case you didn’t already know. I myself have come across 4 different ways to do so, and I prefer some ways over others. Let’s take a look on what I’m talking about: (I apologize if these images are a bit confusing, or “meta” looking; I was taking pictures of myself working in photoshop, then working on those images in photoshop. Trippy)

1.) Basic Selection tool.

This is a dashed rectangle looking tool in the upper left corner. It it used for Selecting smaller, basic areas of your image.

2.) Magic Wand tool:

This is found under the lasso tool, and will select an area with all similar colors surrounding the area you clicked. Used for doing what I just said.

3.) Magnetic Lasso tool:

Found above magic wand tool, and underneath the basic, free-form selecting lasso tool. You use this by selecting the edge of somethin in your image, then tracing the border around the selection you want. This will latch on to similar styles and colors as you move the cursor.

4.) Masking? I think it’s called? You press Q is all I know:

The brush tool selects an area and highlights it in red. You can use the eraser tool to erase parts of the red you are using to select things. Press Q again and…

Ta-da! What you had highlighted in red is now selected. This is my preferred method of selection since you can get really nitty gritty in selecting specific things and have more flexability.

Hopefully you didn’t know this already and this will help you in the future of photoshopping. Perhaps when you are making flash animations?

-Neil Parent


~ by njp24 on March 24, 2010.

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