Finding Ada – Neil Parent’s perspective…

Find Ada? Who? Ada Lovelace? The more I look into this the more I realize it’s some sort of special day where everyone is giving her credit. My turn I suppose. Alright, here we go…

Agusta Ada King – This is her full name but it appears she’s just known as Ada Lovelace around the internets. She was the Countess of Lovelace which makes sense. Apparently her deal is that she wrote the first “computer programmes” for the “Analytical Engine,” which is something Charles Babbage invented. The Analytical Engine is pretty much the first basic computer, which Babbage theorized and made a design for in the mid to late 1800s. I for one usually dont think of computer and 1800s in the same sentence.

So Ada wrote the “computer programme” for this machine, which involved translating this guy Luigi Menabrea’s memoir with notes to find his numbers using Babbage’s machine. Unfortunately for the, the machine was never actually built so this was all in theory. But still, first computer program, and descriptions of the first computers and software? Quite a feat considering today we practically have computers in our cereal. Her chops are definitely not bust-worthy.

One cool thing she thought of was, instead of Babbage’s machine doing number crunches, she figured you could probably use it to incredibly complex and scientific pieces of music with endless possibilities, an idea completely foreign back then, but which totally makes sense to me now, as I make music with computers. She basically thought of the concept for Propellerhead’s Reason software. unfortunately she died before she could put these ideas into place. She died young too, age 36, of cancer, which sucks.

Judging from the portraits I’ve seen of her, she wasn’t half bad looking either: Computer Programmer, AND has good looks? Every nerd’s dream I suppose. Computer nerd that is, for me should would of have to love dragons and magic spells, and space ships with lasers and stuff.

Long Live Lady Lovelace!

Hooray for alliteration.

-Neil Parent


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