Flash Terminology

Okay, so you decided you’re going to make your last Digicomp project in Flash. Now, all you need to know is what everything means.

Like all Adobe products, Flash users will notice the usual “layers”  and other PS related concepts. However, there is a bit more in Flash because the program can do so, so much more. Here are a few concepts/terms that might be useful:

If you play something on your website you created in Flash, chances are it’s a .swf, or shockwave file. This is not a file that can be placed back into Flash and edited, unlike a .mov or mp4, it is the final product. However, Flash’s version, the .f4v, is basically the same as a mp4 can Flash can play and edit these files as well.

Actionscript is the programming language used in Flash. Actionscript uses concepts of Java, but it is a tool only used in Flash files. This is what makes Flash “interactive.” With actionscript users can insert things like buttons. You can also use actionscript to animate characters in videos.

LSO’s, or local shared objects, is data saved on one’s computer when using Flash. Basically, they are Adobe’s version of internet cookies, and are stored without permission but do take up your hard drive and ARE NOT temporary. You may delete them.

Vector graphics are images that are shrunk/blown up to any size and do not become pixelated. They can be made it Flash, and they look really good.

There are all the terms I didn’t know for now. I’ll get back to you as I learn more!

Becky Reiser


~ by Southern Discomfort on March 24, 2010.

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