Use Any Movie From the Internet for Flash (FVD)

Have you ever encountered a movie not just from Youtube, but anywhere on the internet and want to download that video right into a .FLV file to look for flash? Well look no further!

Firefox has an amazing flash downloader named ingeniously as Flash Video Downloader. (Here is the link)

Once this tool is downloaded into your browser (AND YOU RESTARTED FIREFOX) here are the ever so simple directions for downloading the file.

In the top right there will be an FVD icon on your browser.

FVD button

click on the button and it will find all of the video and audio files on the web page you are currently visiting. From there it is a matter of clicking which file you want to download.

Once the file is downloaded you can insert it into Flash with no worrying about converting it first.

Simeon Mellinger


~ by sim67fb333 on March 24, 2010.

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