How to make a 2D object look 3D in Flash CS4

In order to make a 2D object look 3-dimensional, first open Flash CS4 (actionscript 3.0).

Then, I drew a square onto the stage by using a the “rectangle” tool on the right side of the program (see circled in red below).

After that, you need to make the shape a “symbol.” To do this, you first click on your shape.  Next, you click “modify,” then click “convert to symbol” (as shown below).

Once you click “convert to symbol,” a box will pop up asking what you want to call your symbol (mine is called symbol 1) and then you hit “ok.”

Next, you right click on your shape and click “create motion tween.”  After this, you find the 3D rotation tool (located at the tool bar on the right as seen below).  Click down on the tool and move the mouse around until the shape morphs in that way that you had envisioned (once again, see image below).

Keep in mind that when you are trying to change the appearance of your shape into a 3-dimensional object, you need to move your mouse around the rotation tool until it looks like a small black arrow with an “x” next to it.  Then, you can click down to move the shape around the x or y axis.

Click on the image below to see my 2D shape morph into a 3D shape!

-Shana Coop


~ by src38 on March 28, 2010.

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