Trying to Animate But Can’t Draw? Look Here

I don’t know about all of you but I for one cannot draw for anything. However I am determined to get past this and make a sort of animation on flash for a project for class. So I spent some time researching different ways to create characters whether simple or complex, to animate in my story.

The first method I used is the simplest and the easiest if you don’t want the artwork to be the focus of the project. In that case this is what I am using. So I am making a simple character with Photoshop. One tip – DO NOT DRAW FREE HAND IN PHOTOSHOP – unless you are a good drawer (if you’re reading this post you shouldn’t be) your hand won’t be steady enough to create a semi professional character. My advice – Use the line tool. This is a simple and easy way to make appendages for your character.

Here is my character made with just lines

If you want to make a different looking body, the elliptical tool might not be a bad choice (in the same menu as the line tool)

Now if you are an overachiever and want a more detailed body, you might be a bit out of luck since you can’t draw… BUT DON’T GIVE UP – I might have a solution. Here is a website that can create one free animated character on the spot. You need to earn their form of currency to make more characters, but I’m sure if you try you can find a few loopholes?

From further working on flash you can easily make a simple body right on your flash project as well. Just create a different layer for each body part (left arm, right leg, body, head etc.) so that you will be able to use the bone tool on it if you absolutely need it (you will learn about this later)

Good Luck!

Simeon Mellinger


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