Animate your shapes with motion

Flash allows us to make shapes, images, and text interactive with each. With the motion tween, shapes can move throughout your scene.

First, create a shape –  you can also import an image, shapes are not the only choice with motion tweens. (Also, tween means in-between, such as in-between frames). Once you have created your shape, select the shape by clicking the select tool in the top right hand toolbar and right-click on the shape. There are different options for the shape, but the tool we want is at the bottom – ‘Convert to Symbol.’ Flash will not allow you to create any tweens unless they are converted to a symbol.

After you have converted the shape to a symbol, you can rename the Logo, and it will appear in the Library.

Now, choose a spot in the key frame (timeline) at the bottom and right-click in the frame you want to animate your shape. Choose ‘Motion Tween’ and from there you can pinpoint the spots you want to move to your shape.

If you want to move your image, click on the frame you want motion, and drag the open circle in the shape to the place you want. You can repeat this process, choosing frames and moving the shape.

Once you have your finished product, go to the top border of Flash, select ‘Window’ and then ‘Test Movie.’ This option allows us to view the movie of the animated shape using motion tweens.

-Lauren Chesmar


~ by lchez on March 31, 2010.

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